How To Start An Info Product Business

If you’re starting an information product business, you’re starting a business that sells information. And you can deliver this information in any style, including e-books, audio programs, and video courses. The good thing is that you don’t have to be an expert to teach others about the subject matter. All you need to do is to compile other people’s expertise to create your product. Audio and visual information will allow you to sell at a higher price compared to written information. You can boost your selling price by adding video to the product you’re trying to sell.

The first step is obviously to choose the subject you want to build your course around. You then need to interview experts to get content. Make sure you record the interviews so that you can transcribe them later. Don’t be afraid to seek out people at the top of their profession. These people might appear unreachable, but you’d surprised at how willing they are to give you an interview. You can translate an already existing e-book into a different language. You don’t even have to know the language because you can hire a translator.

You can find popular questions to answer by creating a questionnaire to distribute to your target audience. Ask them about their most frustrating problems and then provide solutions. Setting up and recording a webinar is another way of creating your information product. You can also film a seminar, and you can hire someone to host one on the topic you’ve chosen to write. You can also compile tit bits of knowledge from content sites such as About, A List Apart, Ezine Articles, Wired, and USA Today. It is not illegal and you can take bits and pieces from various sources.

The final step is to decide what type of information product you’re going to create. Most people go with e-books because they’re easy to distribute online. You can even sell e-books on Amazon using the self-publishing platform called Kindle. Videos are viral, and you can create a video course to sell on various platforms such as Academy of Mine, CourseCraft, Ruzuku, Teachable, Skillshare, WizIQ, and Udemy. You then upload the product to the distribution channels you want to use. Irrespective of how you’re going to deliver your course, you also need a website. A sales page is useful for highlighting the benefits that your product offers, and you can now sit back, relax, and watch the passive income start to roll in.

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